The making of Second Guess Me

July 23, 2019
Still from the music video

The Making of the Song

My song Second Guess Me  is all about accepting yourself in all your stages, and not needing any sort of validation from anybody else.
I wrote this song around two years ago with an incredible musician, writer, and performer Chris Ayer.
He was playing the guitar and we started to hum different melodies, while coming up with the words at the same time. 
I always love the songwriting process because each time it is different. In some writing sessions, I just have the melodies figured out, and I write the words later, in others it happens at the same time, and sometimes I know what I want to say but I don’t know the flow or the music that is going to be behind the words. 

The Making of the Track

We went into the studio with Ryan Gilligan, who produced and mixed the song.
He was just laying out some ideas and then I recorded over the track.
It was a really simple track because it was meant to just be the foundation of the song, and he was going to add more to the production.

The “rough” version of the song was sitting on my computer for around one year, before I listened to it again in the car on my way to Palm Springs. I realized how much I loved the song, and the simple production.
I went back to see Ryan in his studio, we re-recorded the vocals, and I told him to leave the production as is. He added a couple of things to tie the whole song together, but he kept the simple vibe of the track, and I am so happy to be able to share it with you all today.

The Making of the Music Video

watching the sunset as we took a little break from filming

For this EP, I decided to do one minute videos for each song, instead of a full music video. Because I am an independent artist, it made more sense for me to do it this way.
I have also found that so many people nowadays have short attention spans, and that is why I loved
the idea of having short videos for each song as a preview of the track.

You can listen to the full song on Spotify, Apple music, and all Platforms Here.

Oliver Marshall directed the music video, and my manager Yanin Gonzalez and I produced it.
We filmed this one in Palm Springs, and at some point my car started to sink in the sand because I did
not know how to put it in 4 wheel drive, which is really embarrassing but hilarious.

I will never forget that day!

It all worked out because AAA came and got the car out, and we continued filming the video.

Still Image from the music video

It was really really cold and windy that day in the desert, you can see shots of the video where my hair
is flying, and there’s even a part where I’m laughing as I’m singing the words. 

Watch my hair fly Here:

I hope you enjoy the song as much as I enjoyed writing, recording, and filming it. 

Can’t wait to tell you about the next song on the EP, Freeze, next week!


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