The Making of FREEZE

July 31, 2019

The making of the song: 

Behind the Scenes filming the Freeze music video

I wrote Freeze with Andrew Cole and Siren almost two years ago. We all had such a magical chemistry and wrote some of my favorite songs: Blue, Freeze, & Oceans

(Let me know which one of these is your favorite, by commenting on the video on Youtube.)

We recorded all the songs at Andrew’s home studio. That is one of my favorite things about making music in Los Angeles, it is very rare for me to book a session at a studio, because most of the sessions I have with writers and producers are in their home studios, which makes the songwriting process much more comfortable with no pressure on time. 

I am working on getting my own home studio together, because it makes such a difference! Although it is going to take time, effort and some money, I do believe it is worth it, and hope to have one soon so I can write more songs much faster and release more music for you!

The making of the music video:


BTS filming the music video

All the songs included in my EP titled Rough Around the Edges have music videos that are one minute long; they are essentially one minute video previews of the songs. 

Oliver Marshall directed the music videos, and Yanin & I produced them. 

We rented a snow machine from the studio where we were filming a couple of the other videos on the EP. We left Freeze to be the last video because we knew the snow machine would make a mess. 

Everything was going smoothly until… we could not get the snow machine to work. It was too late to rent another one and we did not have another day to shoot the music video. 

There is always a Solution

Check out how fast I had to sing Freeze while filming the video:

Oliver, being the genius that he is, suggested we use another concept for Freeze, by using the other meaning behind the word. Instead of thinking about Freeze as being cold, we decided to translate the video into the concept of not being able to move properly. 

We filmed the song at half the tempo so that it looks slow motion in some parts, and at double the tempo, so that it looks like the movements stop and start again, as if in stop motion. 

See for yourself, watch the video Here: 

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More behind the scenes stories to share with you next week :)

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