Oceans , Sorry Man, & Beast

August 20, 2019
Oliver, Yanin, and I had a two day adventure filming the 6 videos of the RAE EP. I wanted to tell you about three of the most memorable ones:

Oceans BTS


Originally this video was going to be filmed both in the forest and by the beach. I did not even know which forest we were going to go to, especially since we were in Los Angeles, and we had to go to Palm Springs the same day to film Second Guess Me. So, I did what any millennial would do; I let google maps lead the way. 

We found ourselves at a place that looked more like a hike than a forest, and it took us a while to find a spot in the forest that looked like it was deep enough with lots of trees. Eventually we found it and we got the shots we needed. Across the street there was a beautiful hill, and Oliver, the director, asked me if I would not mind climbing it. So I went up and up and up, with silver booties! It was much more steep than it looked from afar. But I got to the top, and Oliver was filming from below. He decided he wanted to get closer shots, so he hiked up as well. By the time he got to the top he was out of breath, and we were both a little worried about how we were going to get down. Yanin, the wisest of us all, stayed at the bottom of the hill and took some snaps of us. 

After we got our shots, we found our way back down. As soon as I got to the road, my feet were itching so much, and when I removed the boots, I saw that my socks had so many little thorns from climbing the hill. Oliver had them too. We removed as many as we could. I definitely had to throw those socks away afterward. Even the washing machine couldn’t get all the thorns out.

Lesson learned: adventures are totally worth it, but make sure you are wearing the right shoes.

Watch the Oceans music video:

Sorry Man:

Sorry man BTS

Oliver Marshall, the director, had the concept of using tall mirrors in the studio for this music video. So I rented mirrors a few days before the shoot, but after packing my car with everything we needed for the shoot, the mirrors didn’t fit. I had also rented smaller square mirrors, and I told myself to bring those just in case. If we needed the big mirrors, we would find a way to get them to the studio. 

That day in the studio after we had filmed three music videos: Beast, Freeze, and Dilemma, we decided to go to the beach and film Sorry Man over there. We were figuring out how we could get the mirrors from my place to the beach, but ultimately, there would not have been enough time. So we ended up going to the beach and using the smaller mirrors, and it’s honestly one of my favorite videos that we filmed for this EP. 

I definitely learned an important lesson: it’s wise to make plans, but it’s even more wise to go with the flow and live in the moment.  

Watch the Sorry Man music video:


The whole concept of this music video is about not fitting into a box. It’s great to study other people who have succeeded in your line of work, but it’s also important to note that most of those people’s success has to do with a unique quality they have. It’s ok to be compared to other people, but ultimately, you have to embrace what makes you unique. 

I was inspired to use this concept because a big part of the music business is basically putting yourself in a box, in a genre, in a lane. That way, people will be able to identify your music. I get it. It’s not just the music business, but it’s a basic part of branding. 

What business people tend to forget though, is that music is an art. It’s subjective. And what they want is to have something super obvious for your audience to be able to identify. But if that whole concept is taking away from your creation, then forget it. 

Don’t let anyone put you in a box. Don’t let yourself put you in a box. And if your sound is “all over the place”, embrace it in that moment, make it a part of your story.

Watch the Beast music video:

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