Are we all trying to be Great?

April 30, 2019
Tamtam with Yanin and Chris in the Drive music video
Me and these beauties on the set of my Drive music video: Yanin Gonzalez & Chris Name, proud to call these two great ladies my friends and supporters!

Have you ever sat down and wrote something because you were feeling super inspired?

Then you came back to it a few days later and could not really remember how you wrote it? Or why that certain topic was in your mind in the first place?

Almost like somebody else, or some other force found its way to you, to deliver a certain message.

This is how I feel a lot of times with my music.

I often write about things that I reflect upon later and realize how much they mean, or how much I really should listen to my own advice; or rather this other force’s advice.

A part of me believes that it’s my subconscious, almost like I’ll daydream about something one day, and then think about something else while my subconscious is still cooking away at the daydream I was having.

Then when it’s ready, I sit at the piano and it all just comes out.

Tamtam performing with Luke Walton
Luke Walton on guitar at the Rise premier at Neuehouse Hollywood, proud to call Luke, the greatest guitar player of all time, my friend and fellow musician I will go with on tour one day soon!
Picture of Roy the Rat in front of his mural inspired by Tamtam
One of the greatest artists of all time, Roy the Rat, pictured here in front of the mural he painted of Aradhna and I. Aradhna is another great person and close friend of mine.

This happened to me with my song ‘Greatness.’

I sat at the piano and the words started to flow. The melody just came out and the whole universe aligned for this song to come out.

I was thinking about the word greatness. What does it really mean? And are we all living in this world in order to be great? Is greatness something that is positive or could it also be negative?

I’m really interested in the topic behind greatness because I was thinking about all the powerful people in the world.

Great people such as Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill who used their leadership and greatness to help their people in positive ways. On the flip-side, people who used their greatness to spread hate and ideas that separated human beings instead of uniting them.

Some synonyms of "greatness" in the dictionary are distinction, repute, high standing, and importance. These words do not necessarily mean that you are a good person who spreads positive ideas to people around you. Yet, these words are qualities that people strive to reach.

I think we should change that.

Instead of feeding our children ideas that they should be important, rich, or great; we should tell them that they should be good, positive, patient, and kind.

Tamtam with the director of the 'Rise' music video, Meshal Aljaser
Meshal Aljaser the director of Rise, definitely one of the greatest directors of all time!

What truly inspired me to think about Greatness, are the many leaders in history who abused their power. The ones who used their greatness to divide people.

Hitler is an example of this. What really drew me to the subject, is the fact that people were so easily manipulated to believe his horrible, discriminatory ideas.

Why? Because he held this big position of power, and he was considered to be a great leader to many people.

All that said, first comes being kind, and then comes being great.

There are two sides to every coin, and we can definitely strive to be good people who are also great.

We all have that greatness inside us. Something we should embrace and use to spread positivity and unity amongst all people.

We do not have to be presidents, kings or queens to be great.

Tamtam with music artist Sissi
Sissi is a great songwriter, singer and friend

5 ways to use your Greatness for Good:

1) Smile more! We are all made up of energy, and you will not believe how much better your day will be if you smile to people around you, including people you do not know! Smiling will make your day better and their day better too.

2) Meditate. If you have a regular meditation or prayer routine, great, keep at it! If you don’t or would like to try another meditation, you should just try to sit still and clear your mind. Think about your breath and being present. You should start with 5 minutes, and increase the time every week or so until you can do 20-30 minutes a day. Meditation will help you raise your vibrations. This, in turn, will help you see the positive side of situations, and use your greatness for good.

3) Sweat it out! Go for a hike, yoga, or do a workout you love! This will help you let out any frustrations you have into the workout, instead of letting it out on yourself or on others. Working out will reduce stress, which in turn will help you use your inner greatness for good.

4) Donate your time to a good cause. There are so many nonprofit organizations in need of volunteers. You will feel really good about helping other beings: people or animals. It helps you see life from a different perspective, and you will be more thankful and appreciate what you have.

5) Travel and learn about other cultures. Traveling doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. There are so many ways to travel within your budget. Meeting people from different cultures is going to teach you so much. The world will be an even more beautiful place with the experience of travel. You will see the world through a wider lens, and you will learn that patience, communication, and respect are vital for living in a more peaceful world.

Listen to my song Greatness on Spotify!

Let me know what you think about Greatness, and how we can use our greatness for good!

Tamtam with Madeline Di Nonno and Lyn Winter
Great women I am lucky to know and look up to! Lyn winter (PR extraordinaire) and Madeline Di Nonno (CEO of Geena Davis Institute on Gender in media).
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